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Local classical composer releases 'deep, dark, intense' new song

'It kind of sets you on an emotional journey that ends up making you kind of feel better as you listen to it,' says local artist

Washago resident Bonnie Milne is gaining popularity for her classical compositions.

Last week, Milne released her solo piano version and an instrumental version of Stolen Night Sky. The song was recorded at St.Paul’s Centre by recording engineer Nixon Boyd. The song features Ronnie Douglas Band drummer Dave Hewitt as the guest percussionist.

Milne says the song has taken off and has even landed on classical music charts in the UK.

"It's charting at No. 2 on classical radio stations," she said. "I'm just ridiculously happy."

Milne, who serves as the arts facilitator for the Simcoe County District School Board, says her new song morphs instrumental and classical music.

"It's kind of deep, dark, intense, fast and rhythmic," she explained. "This was the first time I had percussion added to it."

Milne says Hewitt's drumming gave the song some of its best elements.

"I think it makes it way more exciting," she said. "It's kind of like the heartbeat and brings a whole extra element to it."

Stolen Night Sky has been described as "peaceful" and "calming" by music fans.

"It kind of sets you on an emotional journey that ends up making you kind of feel better as you listen to it," Milne said. "Although this particular piece is emotional, strong, and intense, I think it will give solace to those who might have experienced the same thing that I was as I was writing it."

This summer, Milne is hoping to be booked for some live performances. She dreams of performing one day in Europe where there is a larger market for classical music.

"That would be fantastic," she said. "Certainly, I would also love to do a tour of North America and just find some venues that enjoy this kind of genre of music."

Already, Milne has recorded new and unreleased music at St. Paul's Centre that she says is "in the works."

"It's a beautiful venue," she said. "They have a Bösendorfer Piano and it sounds unbelievably remarkable."

Stolen Night Sky is available now on Apple Music and Spotify.


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